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Our Letter before action service is a cost effective debt collection solution for business to business debts as well as personal debt collection. The letter before action service is provided by Gemini Debt Recovery a leading independent collection agency based in the UK.




If the debt you are collecting is a business to business debt you are entitled to a minimum of £40 compensation per overdue invoice rising to a maximum of £100 per invoice see here for full details This statutory compensation is designed to cover your debt collection costs so >>> our service can work out free of charge.<<<


For debts of £1 - £550 we charge just £25 for the service with no hidden costs or extras, and no collection commission. A debt can be made up from multiple invoices if required, as long as the overall combined figure remains under £550.


For debts of between £551 - £2500 we charge just £29.95p plus 10% of anything collected. If we are not successful in recovering your debt we don't charge you the collection commission.


For debts above £2500 please use our main debt recovery service here



Unlike free debt collection letter template sites (which should be avoided at all costs) our letter before action is compliant with the pre action protocols of the Civil Procedure rules. This means that should after we write to the debtor to demand payment on your behalf no payment is made, you are free to commence court proceedings against them as you have complied with the pre action protocols. All the “free” or very “cheap” debt collection letter services we have seen do not comply with these procedures which means there could be a significant costs implication for you if the matter proceeds to court, some also have significant hidden costs, remember if it looks to good to be true………………………..


In addition to our formal demand letter to the debtor we also contact them by text message, email and telephone.

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Our Letter Before Action Service Includes the following:

Just £25

& No commission to pay! For debts between £1 - £550

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Just £29.95

& 10%commission no win no fee For debts between £551- £2500

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